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Redefine Leadership in Managing Changes and Handling VUCA

About This Course

The pandemic period we experienced for the last couple years, has brought in new norms, and various changes. VUCA is a word that is no longer alien to us. The volatile, uncertain, challenging, and ambiguous situations have impacted the way businesses are performed. 

Understanding the aspects of changes impacting our businesses and organizations is one of the keys to effectively and successfully managing changes and VUCA. 

In this 2-day workshop, your team will experience a game-based learning program that simulate the VUCA world, through a multiplayer game known as EVIVVE. EVIVVE is designed to enhance your team members’ abilities to work with one another through formation and execution of collaborative management strategies (for example strategic planning, communication, problem solving and decision making, in dynamic environments). EVIVVE is Asia’s first leadership workshop that not only challenges one’s mental capabilities, but also engages the person emotionally. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will: 

  • Have a stronger team alignment – overcoming communication barriers or roadblocks 
  • Strengthen team spirits through stronger bonds and connections with other members 
  • Have the opportunity to address interpersonal problems within the group, in a safe environment. 
  • Increase motivational levels among team members. 
  • Have better appreciation of strategic planning and effective executions 
  • Inculcate personal leadership skills among team members 
  • Encourage out of the box & creative thinking 



Target Audience

  • Business Leaders of the organizations, Managers and Supervisors.  
  • Open to whole department members to build better alignment and collaboration 
  • Highly recommended as part of Key Talent Development program 

Training Outline

  1. Intro
  2. Our VUCA World
  3. Familiarization
  4. First Attempt with EVIVVE
  5. Second Attempt with EVIVVE
  6. Wrap up for the day
  7. Checking in
  8. Reflections and Postmortems at Individual Level
  9. Countering VUCA with VUCA
  10. Thriving to be a Better Team
  11. Truly EVIVVE (Evolve + Thrive)