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React Native with Expo

About This Course

React Native is a mobile development framework you can use to build apps that run on most mobile devices. Together with Expo (https://expo.io/), which comes with a set of tools and services that helps developers develop, build, and deploy universal React apps, this course will teach you how to get an app up and running in no time.

Learning Objectives

  • What Expo and React Native are and how to write an app
  • How to use core components in your apps
  • Add custom styling to your components
  • Use React Navigation to make multi-screen apps



Target Audience

Engineers, Software, and IT professionals.


Training Outline

1.     Introduction to React Native

  • Learn how React Native and Expo are used to make mobile applications
    • Intro to React Native with Expo
    • Local setup with React Native

2.     Core Components

  • Learn the basic building blocks of React Native apps: core components
    • Core components
    • Mini project

3.     Styling Components

  • Learn the fundamentals of styling in React Native, including Stylesheets and Flex Box
    • Styling components

4.     Navigation

  • Learn about information hierarchy and how to implement it with native navigators
    • Navigation