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Python + Django for the Web

About This Course

Learn how to create a website with a custom content management system from scratch using Python and the Django framework so that you can let clients control their own content.

Learning Objectives

  • How to think about going from a static site to a CMS-driven site
  • How to set up an admin panel with user permissions, and how to let admins add
  • other admins
  • Setting up data models that reflect your web designs and how to add forms and
  • search to the front-facing website
  • Adding password-protected pages to your site and best SEO practices
  • How to let admins upload images that resize automatically to speed up your site!
  • The best practices for deploying brand new site features to the internet and keeping your site secure and fast.



Target Audience

Engineers, Business Development, Finance, Marketing Professionals, Software, and IT professionals.

Training Outline

1.     Setting Up

  • We'll show you how to get set up with Python and Django so as to turn a static HTML website into one that runs using Django as a back-end

2.     Data Models

  • We will add our data models to our code so that we can let our users update information in the admin panel and across the website generally.
  • We'll also add a rich text editor, and previous and next links to our site.

3.     Multiple Models

  • We'll talk about how we create new models from scratch, how to connect them to existing parts of the project and if we should even connect them at all!

4.     Getting Online

  • We will deploy a production site (a fancy way to say we'll get the code online!) by using Git, GitHub, Heroku and Amazon Web Services.