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Powerful Data Transformation In Excel Power Query

About This Course

Power Query is the FREE Excel add-in from Microsoft that will help transform and manipulate your data into a format that is ready for PivotTables, reports, and so much more.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • delete rows, columns, or blanks
  • filter out data you don’t need
  • fix the layout so it will work in a PivotTable
  • split or join columns or text
  • remove spaces and special characters from your data
  • merge worksheets, text/CSV files together
  • extract data from an external database
  • incorporate the next month’s data to an existing report


  • Participants must have at least advanced knowledge & skill in Microsoft Excel.
  • Preferable having PivotTable and PivotChart skills.

Target Audience

This course is designed for below users:

Excel Users

Users that employ Excel on a daily basis and want to exploit the full power of the new Excel Business Intelligence tools to improve their reporting and data crunching capabilities.

IT & BI Specialists

Professionals that are in charge of the data warehouse management of their company and need to understand how to provide support to analysts who need to extract data from different analytical and relational sources.


Training Outline

  1. Introduction to Power Query
  2. Loading Data to Power Query
  3. Using Query Editor
  4. Transforming Data
  5. Building Blocks for M Language