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MSA: Measurement System Analysis

About This Course

This course intends to introduce to participants the appropriate and right approach of obtaining meaningful data for analysis.  As far as we are concerned, today's industry decision makers always using measurement data and facts to make their business decision.  An appropriate decision will follow if the data is meaningful and trust worthy. 

This course is a must for all Managers and Engineers who are going to make technical and business decisions based on measurement data and facts.  On top of that, MSA is one of the key elements for TS16949 certification.  

Note: This course is conducted based on Measurement System Analysis – TS16949 requirements with focus on implementation requirements. 

Learning Objectives



  • Basic Statistical Process/Quality Control 
  • Practical Statistics for Industry and Business 

Target Audience

Engineers, technical personnel, and managers who are involved in decision making using measurement data and performing MSA to meet QS 9000 requirements 

Training Outline

  1. Concepts Of Measurement Issues, Errors And Variations
  2. Measurement Strategy, Mathematical Model/Equation For A Reading From A Gauge
  3. Stratification Of Variations Components (Using Approximate Mathematical Equation)
  4. GR & R Tables To Perform The Studies
  5. GR & R For Attribute Measurement
  6. Interpretation Of GR & R Results
  7. Recommendations And Procedures To Implement MSA
  8. Measurement System Stability Monitoring
  9. Question And Answer