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IoT: Equipment Connectivity using SECS/GEM

About This Course

Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard, Generic Equipment Model (SECS/GEM) is an industry standard factory equipment interface protocol for equipment-to-host data communications. The standard has been widely adopted in the semiconductor, surface mount technology, electronics assembly, device, photovoltaic, and solar cell industries.  

With the introduction of SECS/GEM capability, easily transform their operations into a smart factory with M2M communication, automation, as well as real time data acquisition for data monitoring, control and analytics. 

Upon a successful completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand SECS and GEM Standards and Requirements.   
  • Translate the SECS Message Structure.   
  • Extract relevant information and supported functions from an Equipment SECS/GEM manual.   
  • Know a typical implementation or usage of Equipment SECS/GEM capabilities 
  • Set up the communication between Equipment and Host (Practical) 
  • Conduct basic troubleshooting or Equipment Characterization (Practical) 

Learning Objectives



Basic knowledge on programming 

Target Audience

Applicable Industries: Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, LED, and other manufacturing industries that require their machines to be SECS/GEM compliant. 

For individuals: Basic knowledge on programming 

  • Sales and Marketing - require more of an overview of the standards so as to understand customers’ requirements 
  • OEM Software Developers – a greater detail of the standards in order for the equipment to be certified as compliant 
  • End-User Software Developers – an understanding of what the compliant equipment will support for these standards. 

Training Outline

  1. I4.0 Internet of Things (IoT) Overview
  2. Relevance of SECS/GEM Towards I4.0 IoT
  3. Introduction to Equipment Integration
  4. Semi Equipment Communication Standard – SECS I (Semi E4)
  5. High-Speed SECS Message Service – HSMS (Semi E37) 
  6. Semi Equipment Communication Standard –  SECS-II (Semi E5)
  7. Generic Equipment Model (Semi-E30)