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GD&T: Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Revision 2018

About This Course

A workshop that on methods to calculate the mechanical design of parts and acceptable tolerances for better products. It is not an Inspection and Design course. The workshop helps the participants to perform the proper procedures on interpretation of Dimensioning, Tolerances and Engineering Drawings. References on ANSI Y 14.5-1973, ANSI Y 14.5M – 1982 and ASME Y 14.5 - 2009/2018 will be discussed in detail for practical application.

Learning Objectives

This session enable the participants to:

  • Understand the standard practices for stating Dimensioning, tolerancing and related standards in engineering drawings.
  • Communicate a clear and concise 3D mathematical language regarding product definition.
  • Apply the basic procedures in GD & T requirements.
  • Comply with ANSI Y 14.5-1973, ANSI Y 14.5M – 1982 and ASME Y 14.5 -2009 & 2018 requirements in drawing of products.
  • Interpret the technical drawing appropriately based on technical requirements from symbols and systems of GD & T.



Target Audience

All personnel who involve in Design and Interpretation of Mechanical Drawings.

Training Outline

  1. Introduction to GD&T
  2. Definition of GD & T
  3. Standards for GD & T
  4. Introduction to Datum
  5. Direct Tolerancing Methods
  6. Rules for Drawing and Designs
  7. Common Symbols used in GD & T
  8. Assessment Exercise
  9. Geometric Characteristic Symbols
  10. Simultaneous Requirements for Combined parts
  11. Composite Position Tolerance
  12. Two Single Segment Feature Control Frame
  13. Inspection for proper Tolerances & Dimensioning
  14. Conclusion and Q & A session