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Critical Thinking and Effective Decision Making

About This Course

Whoever said that he / she do not have a problem must be very ignorant about life. So we have a problem. Are we going to wallow in it and do nothing? Answer = No! When faced with a problem, we have to analyze it, make a decision and find a solution. There is a step-by-step method for critical thinking to come to a decision or the solution. 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to think analytically and critically to demonstrate your creativity. 
  • Develop strategies for analytical and critical thinking and describe how to apply them. 
  • Learn to solve problems by using simple techniques. 
  • Learn tools you need to demonstrate responsibility as an analytical and critical thinker. 



Target Audience

Exempt Level employees and Junior Managers 

Training Outline

  1. Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills 
  2. Tools and Techniques for Critical and Analytical Skills
  3. Thinking critically
  4. Critical thinking strategies
  5. Decision-making techniques
  6. The problem-solving process
  7. Problem-solving approaches
  8. Checklist for Analytical and Critical thinking