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Applied Deep Learning

About This Course

Computer Vision is already present everywhere in our lives, from driving your car, to using your favourite search engine. In Applied Deep Learning at Forward School, you will learn the different advanced techniques and algorithms of Deep Learning for Computer Vision, from image processing, image classification, object detection to image segmentation, using the Deeplearning4j framework.

Learning Objectives

  • Techniques of Deep Learning in Computer Vision
  • Apply Deep Learning in practise and project
  • Intuition behind image processing and classification
  • Intuition behind image segmentation and detection



Target Audience

Engineers, Software, and IT professionals

Training Outline

1. Introduction of Deep Learning 1

  • Basic Introduction to AI
  • Introduction to Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning & Deep Learning

2. Introduction of Deep Learning 2

  • Recurrent Neural Network
  • Vectorization of Time Series Data
  • Long Short Term Memory

3. Advanced Deep Learning with Computer Vision 1: Traditional Computer Vision

  • Image Processing Fundamentals
  • Computer Vision with Machine Learning Technique

4. Convolutional Neural Network

  • Deep learning (CNN) vs traditional ML techniques 
  • Deep Learning (CNN) Architectures

5. Advanced Deep Learning with Computer Vision 3: Object Detection & Object Recognition

  • Object Detection
  • Object Recognition
  • Face Day 6 Recognition Project