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Students' Stories - Rivines A/L Baskaran (Diploma in Manufacturing Technology)

14 Feb 2023 Yee Ling

What made you choose PSDC?
I chose PSDC because I thrive on close relationships and a well-rounded education. I’m confident that with the smaller class sizes, I’ll have the chance to build stronger relationships with my lecturers and classmates. I’ve had passion for this field for a long time. I think my skills and learning style will be a great fit for the program.

How has your experience at PSDC been so far?
So far, I have learnt a lots of skills related to my course. I didn’t expect that I’ll get to explore this much of knowledge.

How have lecturers or your classmates impacted your college experience?
Lecturers have thought us various things especially sharing their life and working experiences.

How has the college helped you prepare for your future career?
After I went for the 3 months On-the-Job Training at factory, I can see that PSDC have the latest equipment same as factory. I have been taught with the equipment and I can operate the machines very well.

How have you gotten involved in extracurricular activities or clubs at the college?
No, I have not gotten involved in extracurricular activities because we are be fully occupied with classes.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering attending this college?
My advice is that if you are interested in skills and hands-on job please consider PSDC as an option.

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