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Students' Stories - Chong Ci En (Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering)

09 Feb 2023 Yee Ling

What made you choose PSDC?
I have chosen PSDC because, in Penang, only two colleges/uni have mechatronics engineering courses. Besides, PSDC provides more practical skills than other colleges/uni, making the class more interesting.

How has your experience at PSDC been so far?
By studying at PSDC these past few years, I have met many funny friends and helpful lecturers. When difficulties are encountered in classes, we could always send a message through TEAMS to our lecturer or classmates for help.

How have lecturers or your classmates impacted your college experience?
Several times I felt stressed and depressed for not understanding the class quicker as my classmates. When classes are finished, my classmates will come to my side to explain and teach what they know to me. Additionally, when classes end, lecturers will always stay in classes to try their best to help those students that face difficulties. It is also significant that students can make an appointment with the lecturer for 1:1 teaching.

How has the college helped you prepare for your future career?
As mentioned in front, PSDC provided more practical skills, for example, constructing circuits, drilling, filing, measuring, AutoCAD and Inventor designing, etc. Which these technics, it will be easier for me to get started in my future career.

How have you gotten involved in extracurricular activities or clubs at the college?
In the beginning, I know PSDC Engineering Club from our lecturer. In addition, there are also posters anywhere in PSDC and on social media promoting their workshop and events. Workshops organized by the engineering club teach us skills and knowledge that are much more different than what we learn in class. With this knowledge, we can apply it to our final-year project.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering attending this college?
Studying in this college is less stressful than others, hahaha. If you need help understanding anything and are shy to ask in class, kindly message or book a time with your lecturer right after class. They are always willing to help every student. Try to involve in every lab practical, from designing, constructing, and writing the report. The knowledge you learn from this process will always help you answer your final exam.

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