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Launching of Equipment Skills Acquisition Program (ESAP)

30 Aug 2023 Yee Ling

PSDC is thrilled to announce the launching of the Equipment Skills Acquisition Program (ESAP) at Intel Kulim today. The ESAP is initiated by Intel Kulim Assembly and Test (KuAT), and supported by Intel Technology Sdn Bhd and PSDC.

The ESAP program is an integral part of Intel's commitment to fostering continuous learning and development within its workforce. The training curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to Intel's distinctive needs, focusing on equipment handling, maintenance, and operation. This curriculum is a testament to Intel's dedication to upskilling its workforce to align with technological advancements and to support the company's future expansion.

The ESAP curriculum is a collaborative effort between Intel Kulim and the Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC). A total of 7 modules are thoughtfully curated to cater to the specific demands of Intel.

The inaugural batch of the training will commence on 7 September, with 6 participants from Intel KuAT, marking the beginning of an exciting journey towards equipping technicians with the necessary skills to excel in their roles, contribute effectively to Intel's growth, and embrace the challenges posed by emerging technologies. The second batch, consisting of 10 Intel PGAT technicians is set to kick start on 11 September.

The modules offered under The Equipment Skills Acquisition Program (ESAP) are:

  1. Motor and Controller
  2. Power Supply
  3. Thermal Basic
  4. Bearing and Slide Guide
  5. Programmable Logic Controllers
  6. Vision and Camera
  7. Thermal Advanced

PSDC is honoured to embark on this educational journey with Intel, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact of ESAP on Intel's technicians and, subsequently, on Intel's continued innovation and growth.