Students' Stories - Joel Lim Sze Ming (Diploma in Computer Engineering)

09 Feb 2023 Yee Ling

What made you choose PSDC?
Affordable pricing, many large colleges are expensive. Less packed as it's a smaller college, easier to navigate and a good environment for study. Located very near amenities like shopping centers and food courts.

How has your experience at PSDC been so far?
Very good, happy with my decision. Although lacking some modern amenities like whole campus WiFi, many other things make up for it. Like the comfortable and updated design of the campus, it doesn't look outdated, alot of space to sit and do work at the dual deck cafeteria and quiet environment.

How have lecturers or your classmates impacted your college experience?
Very happy with the lecturers, they are good at teaching us. Very understanding and are very eager to listen to students. Friends are very nice too.

How has the college helped you prepare for your future career?
Although the courses are not that advanced for the diploma, it does help with me as a stepping stone to learn what I like and hopefully get a career in the field I'm studying in.

How have you gotten involved in extracurricular activities or clubs at the college?
Unfortunately no, I prefer to just attend only classes. But I am excited to see the variety of events organised by the clubs and see my friends participating in the fun activities.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering attending this college?
If the student wants a more affordable way to get into college or prefer more hands-on subjects or wants a less demanding way into getting a diploma, I would highly recommend them to PSDC.

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