Part Time Program

Diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering (2850-34)

As the UK's leading vocational education organisation, City & Guilds is leading the talent revolution by inspiring people to unlock their potential and develop their skills. City & Guilds is recognised and respected by employers across the world as a sign of quality and exceptional training. This program provides student with in depth knowledge and training in manufacturing technology to be appropriately applied throughout the organization.


Upon successful completion of this course, student will be able to:

  • Apply foundations on satisfactory health and safety standards within the organization
  • Covers common applied engineering calculations and materials selection in terms of types, common forms of supply, properties and methods of changing their properties
  • Able to carry out practical practices by using turning, milling and grinding machine accordance to drawing specification
  • Apply skills and knowledge in computer aided design (CAD), in terms of producing 2D and 3D drawings, including the use of 3D modelling methods

Learning Methods

40% theory/classroom sessions and 60% extensive hands-on practical sessions

Entry Requirements

Must have Level 2 Certificate in Engineering - Manufacturing Technology

Who Should Attend

Junior Technicians and Apprentices and those interested in Engineering

Skills learned in C&G Diploma in Engineering

  • Unit 301 - Engineering Health and Safety
  • Unit 302 - Engineering Principles
  • Unit 323 - Machining by Turning Operation
  • Unit 324 - Machining Material by Milling
  • Unit 325 - Machining Material by Grinding
  • Unit 329 - Produce Drawing using CAD

Careers or Advancements in C&G Diploma in Engineering

Graduates are also able to start their career as a Technician or Assistant Engineer.


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