Operational Excellence


This course provides you with the opportunity to apply techniques taught:

  • Practice creative thinking methods to generate ideas & solutions
  • Leverage on your creative strengths &transform your TOB ideas into practical business solutions
  • Turn existing problems into opportunities for growth
  • Apply proven TOB techniques to pinpoint problems, identify root causes, improve systems/products/processes & achieve outcomes
  • Learn to spot opportunities, generate alternatives & use relevant models
  • Real-world practice: opportunity spotting/solution generating
  • Select & make the best decision given the specific situation
  • Harvest the results of TOB to increase output/productivity, generate useful ideas, improve performance & design ways forward

Target Audience
All managers, executives, supervisors, all support & admin personnel, sales & marketing, customer service & front desk, PR, technical staff, engineers, production staff, QA staff - ALL who wants to learn to be a solution provider for their companies & to be able to provide creative input/ideas at the workplace
A person in a management position and has working knowledge on operations, administration or planning will be an advantage