Industry 4.0


The integration of information systems is the process by which different computing systems and software applications are linked together physically or functionally. Proper strategies and methods are required to blend a set of interdependent systems into a functioning or unified whole, enabling two or more applications to interact and exchange data seamlessly.

The program will explore tools and techniques for system integration and highlight proven management practices for integration projects, with practical examples on how IoT can be deployed in other verticals. Participants will also be exposed to the characteristics of system integration projects.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to define the objectives and issues associated with the integration of information system applications as well as recommend alternative strategies for system integration. They will also be able to identify commonly used tools for integrating information systems and their individual benefits, understand how Web services can aid system integration, and identify the underlying tools and technologies that facilitate the creation of such services.

Target Audience

Project Managers (IoT Project), Design Engineers (Hardware, Software, Integration, Application), Application and Implementation Engineers, Regulators, Service Providers and Academicians involved in Internet of Things, Individuals who are involved in operations, project management, business analysis, as well as those who need an introduction to data analysis.