Operational Excellence


Sales and Service Tax (SST) since implementation w.e.f. 1/9/2018, has undergone various updates in the 2019. SST Acts has also gone into major changes to be ready for implementation w.e.f. 2020 for a more holistic indirect tax system.

Requirements like Recipient Self Accounting for imported services for businesses calls for all businesses to be fully aware of, as it also affects non SST registered person.

Other things that happen in the Service Tax mechanism are like (1) exemptions for certain businesses to avoid double taxation effects, (2) Introduction of new services, (3) Clarification of Management Services, and (4) amendments including the SST return forms and invoice contents.

On the Sales Tax front, there is also the bringing back of the Credit System (formally under CJ(P)3 in the old Sales Tax Act) and the introduction of revised procedures in the application for sales tax exemption under Schedule C item 3.

Hence this training seminar is designed to assist participants in achieving the following objectives:

  • To be up-to-date with all legislation and RMCD policies changes to ensure compliance.
  • Beware of common pitfalls / issues to avoid from RMCD’s SST audit findings
  • To be able to do your SST implementation health check in preparation for audit
  • Understand the various SST exemptions /benefits facilities availability

Target Audience

Business Owners and Company Directors, CEO, COO, CFOs, Financial Controllers and Finance Managers, Accountants, Accounts Executives, Accounts Assistants, Business Advisors, Auditors and Internal Audit Staff, Freelance Accounting Professionals, Procurement/Purchasing/Sales/Logistics and other functional Managers, Other functional staff engaged in SST implementation matters