The understanding of failure mechanism in especially in semiconductor packaging becomes one of the important elements that every single employee is required to acquire strong knowledge in order to solve their assembly issues. Using current method of root cause analysis tool is insufficient if employees do not have fundamental understanding of the reason behind failure.

This course is designed to provide important understanding on failure mechanisms for every component of materials used in semiconductor packaging. The common failure mechanism in each packaging process will be addressed systematically and the analytical technique to characterize each of the failure mechanism will be instructed. Several case studies will be used for participants to incorporate the learning.

  • Failure Analysis Principles and Procedures
  • Package Level Testing
  • Electrical Testing
  • Fault Isolation
  • Package Opening
  • Optical and FESEM Inspection

Target Audience
  • Test and Debug Personnel
  • Failure Analyst and Characterization Personnel
  • Yield and Reliability Personnel
  • Managers
  • Laboratories Personnel
  • Researchers
  • Anyone who Submits Devices to Perform Failure Analysis

Knowledge of the semiconductor industry is an added advantage