This course consists of 2 parts.

Part I (Day #1) instills awareness and expectation that customer satisfaction can be improved by understanding continuous improvement strategy. Participants will learn how to quantify variation, both analytically and graphically. The course will also teach participants how to make comparisons and understand if there is any statistical difference in the analysis.

The main objective in this Part I is to ensure that engineers are able to make better analysis and decision making through the use of statistical tools and data-driven methodology

Upon completion of Part I, the participants will be able to:

  • Consider the risk of sampling and impact to population by using confidence interval
  • Perform data comparison by utilizing comparative method tools using Minitab
  • Perform correlation between two continuous data

Part II (Day #2) introduces the participants to the tools used and the flow of the tools in Reliability. Participants will be taught on how and when to use the Reliability tools to improve quality of product design during Product Development.

  • Understand the big idea behind Reliability
  • Understand when Reliability is used during Product Development
  • Understand how Reliability is being measured
  • Select the methods & tools used for different Reliability data types
  • Manual Plotting of Reliability Data and Interpreting Reliability Plot
  • Use Minitab to analyze Reliability data with Parametric and Nonparametric Methods
  • Understand what is System Reliability (optional)
  • The theory, concepts, and examples in Part I & II of this course are explained with every day analogies and using real world examples. The participants will get hands-on experience with a fun game and step-by-step examples using Minitab.

    Target Audience

    This course is intended for Design Engineers, R&D Engineers, Subject Matter Experts (SME), QA, Service and Engineering personals who are directly or indirectly involved in Product Development or Product Design and require some basic understand in Reliability Analysis.


    Understanding of Basic Statistics and basic knowledge in the use of Minitab statistical software.

    This course includes multiple hands-on activities that require the use of computers. Unless your class is scheduled in a Computer Lab, please plan to bring along your Laptop computer to this class with Minitab software version 16 installed.