The transformation of the country’s economic sector from an agriculture-based economy to an industrial-based economy has increased the use of machinery in the manufacturing sector. This has positive and negative impact on workers. Although it can improve productivity, the increased use of machinery also raised the issue of safety of workers. Many reports on industrial accidents attributed the cause of accident to the use of machinery, including the press machine, which is widely used in the steel and automotive industries. This scenario is observed from cases reported to SOCSO and DOSH. Analysis of the report found that the most common type of accidents involved upper limb injuries which include hands and fingers.

Press machines are usually used in the manufacturing sector to produce automotive parts and components, metal furniture, electrical goods such as pots and microwave oven, air conditioning system, brackets for communication systems, gas stove, canned drinks or food, and many others. Amputation or serious injury usually results from accidents caused by trapping between the pinch points (point-of-operation) of a power press. This guideline gives advice on precautions that can be taken to ensure the safe use of power presses.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the function and the important of each safety feature. The safety of hazard zone is also depend on the effectiveness of the machine brake
  • Ensure safety feature and machine brake system always in good condition. Any abnormality will be reported and rectified immediately
  • Perform inspection and maintenance to related safety item
  • Educate and train all employee in theirs group for safe work practices

This program will create safety culture which will provide a safer work environment for all employees through education and foster good relations between employer and employees. As a result, the company will also be meeting the safety element requirements towards a Lean Production System.

Target Audience

Employee of press shop from production, quality, press maintenance, dies maintenance, logistic, management, purchasing, human resources, training department, safety and health officer (SHO), safety committee, and company auditors.