This workshop aims to provide an understanding of Internal Quality Audit for ISO TS 16949 2009 and the application of Internal Quality Auditor techniques to plan ISO TS 16949 2009 Quality Management System Audit, Manufacturing Process and Product Audit. This knowledge will also be useful in constructing internal audit for ISO/TS 16949 and analyzing audit findings to evaluate the compliance and effectiveness of Quality Management System as well as to propose and implement improvements.

The ultimate focus is placed on effective application of Internal Quality Audit techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of Quality Management System for continual improvement. A clear and detailed plan will be set up to ensure effective internal auditing of ISO/TS 16949 2009 system, manufacturing process, and product audit. This course is also one of the ISO/TS 16949 2009 clause requirements.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the ISO/TS 16949 2009 Standard
  • Understand Auditor Competency, Terms and Types of Audit
  • Understand the 5 stages and activities of Internal Auditing
  • Apply ISO/TS 16949 2009 internal auditing for Quality Management System, Manufacturing Process, and Product Audit

Target Audience

Lead auditors, internal auditors, and personnel interested in the techniques of conducting Internal Quality Audit for ISO/TS 16949 2009