This training course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of pneumatic systems from the maintenance perspective. A systematic troubleshooting and professional error elimination in pneumatic as well as electro-pneumatic system is learned and practiced.

  • Know and identify the problem associated with poor compressed air preparation
  • Know the preventive maintenance required for components that are subject to wear and the possible sources of faults in pneumatics system
  • Acquire a working knowledge of fundamental control of pneumatic systems
  • Assemble and test pneumatic and electro-pneumatic system according to circuit diagram
  • Read and interpret pneumatic and electro pneumatic circuit
  • Understand a systematic approach of fault finding is practiced as in the reading of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits
Target Audience

Maintenance Staff, Technicians, Engineers, and Trainers undertaking pneumatic-related tasks in the Manufacturing industry as well as the Oil & Gas industry


Basic knowledge of pneumatics