Metal stamping operation is a series of process to change the flat sheet metal (material) into complete shape part. Force of Press Machine, pressing upper dies onto the sheet metal into the lower dies to form the shape follow the shape of the dies. The common process of metal stamping is blanking, forming/drawing, trimming, piercing and flanging. The quality of the stamping part depends on the material specification, press machine condition and parameter setting, and Dies condition. Therefore, it is essential to understand these 3 things for better process and quality control in metal stamping operation.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand metal sheet specification
  • Understand Press Machine and Stamping Dies component function and maintenance
  • Apply safety in metal stamping operations
  • Apply process control to meet the planning and capacity
  • Apply quality control to meet customer requirement
  • Practice continuous improvement to improve OEE and Productivity

Target Audience

Operators, Leaders/Supervisors, Engineers/Executives, Managers, Top Management, and Personnel who are involved in the production or procurement of Metal Stamping Part