This three-day course provides an introduction to complex analog design circuits. The course covers the analog design of components that are commonly used in analog design such as clocked circuits, memory circuits, Schmitt trigger, as well as static and dynamic gates. The course will guide the participants through complex analog circuits of multivibrator, charge pumps, switched capacitor circuits, bandgap, and POR. Reliability testing such as HAST/HTOL/ESD will also be covered.

    Understand complex analog circuits that are commonly used (clocked circuits such as flip-flops, NOR Flash/OTP/NAND/SRAM, Schmitt trigger, static and dynamic logic)
  • Understand complex analog blocks (multivibrator, charge pumps, switched capacitor, bandgap, POR)
  • Understand reliability issues for analog circuits (HAST/HTOL/ESD)

Target Audience

Fresh graduates and fresh designers/engineers learning to work on analog circuits for IC design


Basic design knowledge is preferred but not necessary