Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 describes a future state of industry that is characterised by thorough digitalisation of economic and production flows. It requires horizontal integration at every step of the production process in interaction with machines. In the globally interconnected world of Industry 4.0, machines also interact with one another. This program is designed with a simple step-by-step approach to facilitate the overall transformation process, with the end-in-mind of improving productivity and efficiency, reducing cost and waste, and becoming more lean and profitable. The eleven pillar tools approach will complement the existing problem solving tools such the PDCA cycle and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). The SMART approach refers to the Systematic Measured Analytical Root Cause Technique, which consists of 6 major steps for organisations to follow as a standard guideline.

Target Audience
Management Team Members (Department/Section/Integration), Technical Executives, and Non-Technical Executives
  • Must have preliminary exposure to Industry 4.0
  • Must be a Project/Program Lead for Industry 4.0-related tasks