Industry 4.0


One of the fundamental parts of the Industry 4.0 transformation strategy is to enable more robust problem solving techniques by utilising the technological toolkits to solve complex problems. In this program, participants will be exposed to different analytical concepts and will be introduced to the key steps of problem solving using the MAA (Measure, Analyse, and Action). By using the MAA approach, organisations can kick-start their pilot run on their journey towards Industry 4.0 transformation with just a few simple and practical steps. Each step will have a detailed task for the project leader to drive the team towards achieving the end goal of predicting potential issues.

Target Audience
Middle Management Team Members (Department/Section/Integration), Technical Executives, and Non-Technical Executives
  • Must have attended the Introduction to Industry 4.0 course
  • Must have preliminary exposure to Industry 4.0
  • Must be a Project/Program Lead for Industry 4.0-related tasks