Industry 4.0


As we move towards Industry 4.0, there will be more and more challenges for Project Managers, Project Leads, Project Teams, and Project Practitioners. The objective of this workshop is to help participants understand and acquire fundamental project management knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to be successful in this challenging environment. With the knowledge and skills acquired, participants will be able to plan and manage projects from the initiation stage to the closing stage, in multi-sites and in a global environment. Participants will also be able to utilise and customise various project management tools and techniques introduced in the class and apply them in their respective organisations. They will also understand their roles, responsibilities, and values in various projects, not only to achieve their goals but to also stay ahead in the Industry 4.0 environment.

Target Audience
Project Practitioners, Project Managers, Executives, Engineers, Team Leads, and Functional Managers who are involved in or managing projects of various sizes and nature
Participants should have more than one year of experience in the project environment. Participants are also required to bring their own laptops for the case studies.