This training course aims to provide the participants with the knowledge of both pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control system as practiced in the industry. This course will also enable participants to be more familiar with basic pneumatic and electro-pneumatic components as well as their function and structure.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Know the basic principles of compressed air generation, distributions, and preparation
  • Understand the process and signal flow of electrical control section and pneumatic power section
  • Acquire knowledge of the construction and function of electrical switching devices, sensors, pneumatic valve and solenoid operated valve
  • Read the symbolic representation of devices and standards
  • Analyse and interpret simple pneumatic and electro pneumatic circuits
  • Design, assemble, test, and troubleshoot basic pneumatic and electro pneumatic circuits
  • Meet the requirements for a higher-level course
Target Audience

Maintenance Staff, Technicians, Engineers, and Trainers undertaking pneumatic-related tasks in the Manufacturing industry as well as the Oil & Gas industry


General technical knowledge