This training course aims to provide participants with the basic knowledge of the construction and function of hydraulic and electric components as well as develop the ability to read, design, and construct simple hydraulic circuits.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge of physical principles of hydraulics/li>
  • Acquire knowledge of the construction and function of hydraulic elements that is commonly used in industries/li>
  • Understand the fundamentals of hydraulic controls and circuits/li>
  • Identify and explain symbols for hydraulics, electro-hydraulic, and electrical components/li>
  • Design, assemble and test hydraulic, and electrohydraulic circuit diagrams/li>
  • Apply the principles of systematic troubleshooting to real applications of hydraulics system
Target Audience

Maintenance Staff, Technicians, Engineers, and Trainers undertaking pneumatic-related tasks in the Manufacturing industry as well as the Oil & Gas industry


General technical knowledge