Industry 4.0


With the immersed of industry 4.0 technology development and required both skills to be merged together in supporting IOT sensors application, data collection, analytics, real-time dash board. All these tasks are term system integration which now feasible with applicable of open source software platform.

Node-Red is a modern open source development platform to establish connection between sensors and controllers. The graphical - node based - programming language is easy to use and allows the user to build logical systems in a comfortable way. The system can be deployed on Windows and Linux and is a web based development system.

This training program is specially design to easy data collection on the shop floor and enable participant to acquire the skill of doing a system integrator task using home grown solution

Upon a successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn and understand the structure of common data bases system to store data for later usage and analytics
  • Enable participants to fully integrate OT and IT environment by understand both worlds and closing the gap between mechatronics and software development

Target Audience
Engineers working in the shop floor, Software Programmers, Mechanical or Electrical Engineers
Participants must have completed Course I: IIOT Connectivity. They should also have basic programming knowledge. Knowledge of JavaScript is an added advantage.