Operational Excellence


By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Grasp a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Act, complemented by ‘hands on’ practical guidelines and examples for worksite implementation.
  • Identify your concerns and fears about dealing with grievance and disciplinary issues
  • Define the meaning of a ‘grievance’ and ‘discipline’ in the workplace
  • Distinguish between misconduct and Gross Misconduct
  • Describe why grievance and disciplinary procedures are needed
  • Be aware of the main legislation and how this fits with your organisation’s Grievance and Disciplinary procedures
  • Outline the Disciplinary Process
  • Implement your organisation’s Grievance and Disciplinary procedures

Target Audience
All managers and team leaders who need to deal with grievances and discipline in the workplace who wish to understand good practice and the issued involved in this complex area