Operational Excellence


The Employment Act 1955 is the principal legislation governing employment practices in Malaysia. Since the majority of employees fall under the ambit of this Act, it is imperative that the employers understand and comply with the obligations mandated by the Act.

This two-day program is crafted to provide participants with thorough knowledge and understanding of the Act. There will be ‘hands-on’ practical guidelines and examples given for worksite implementation to help ensure compliance to the requirements of the law and the contract of employment. This program also offers the opportunity for participants to improve their understanding of the rights and obligations of both the employer and the employee, which will help organisations to avoid the costly consequences of non-compliance and promote harmony in the work environment in the long run. This will also enable companies to fully focus on achieving growth, competitiveness, and excellence with minimal hindrances or deviation.

Target Audience
HR practitioners, employers, and anyone with working knowledge of the Employment Act 1955