An emergency generator set is a static equipment that provides an alternative source of electrical power during emergency situations when there is a disruption to the normal electricity supply. The standby generator has to be closely monitored, serviced, and maintained to ensure its continuous performance as and when required. Technical personnel who are assigned to monitor the emergency generators have to be equipped with relevant knowledge on how to operate and maintain the equipment as it may seriously interrupt the smooth operation of the plant if the standby generator fails to operate during emergency situations. Through this program, participants will know the major components and subsystems of various types of emergency diesel generators and learn how to examine the applications, performance, and economics of diesel engine generator sets. They will also gain knowledge on predictive and preventive maintenance, as well as the maintenance required for diesel engine generators to minimise operating cost and maximise efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

8 CPD Points for Each Program (Awarded by Suruhanjaya Tenaga)

Target Audience

Employees working with electrical equipment such as Technicians, Chargemen, Energy Managers, Safety and Health Committee Members, and any personnel who wish to obtain knowledge on how to develop and implement energy-saving projects at the workplace.