This electricity and troubleshooting program provides a foundational understanding of how electricity works in commercial and industrial settings. In this program, participants will be exposed to practical and real examples that illustrate basic electricity circuits and troubleshooting in their plants and facilities. Participants will learn how to use electrical test equipment in their everyday work before moving on to an in-depth discussion about basic electrical components, where and how these components work, and their purposes within electrical systems. The ultimate goal is to teach participants how to reduce equipment downtime, improve overall efficiency and safety, and effectively fix electrical-related problems at the workplace.

8 CPD Points for Each Program (Awarded by Suruhanjaya Tenaga)

Target Audience

Employees working with electrical equipment such as Technicians, Chargemen, Energy Managers, Safety and Health Committee Members, and any personnel who wish to obtain knowledge on how to develop and implement energy-saving projects at the workplace.