Every workplace needs to have proper electrical safety procedures in place. Installation, repair, and servicing of machines and equipment may seem like a normal routine but they can be dangerous to the employees who performing the work. Failure to properly manage and prevent electrical safety hazards can result in severe injury and even fatality. Fortunately, these hazards can be avoided through compliance to electrical safety rules and regulations, including the use of lockout/tag-out procedures. Lockout/tag-out procedures isolate energy and control machinery and equipment, which will help to protect employees/operators servicing the equipment, bystanders, and the equipment itself. This program will provide knowledge on electrical hazardous energy, proper lockout/tag-out procedures, how and when to use the procedures, and how to safely restart the equipment or machinery.

8 CPD Points (Awarded by Suruhanjaya Tenaga)

Target Audience

Employees working with electrical equipment such as Technicians, Chargemen, Energy Managers, Safety and Health Committee Members, and any personnel who wish to obtain knowledge on how to develop and implement energy-saving projects at the workplace.