Electrical energy is the main source of energy used to operate mechanical and HVAC equipment and machinery at the workplace. The motors, fans, air conditioning, and other electrical, mechanical, and HVAC equipment used are of numerous benefits to the commercial and industrial users. However, electrical energy should not be wasted by leaving equipment turned on when they are not required. Companies should use energy-efficient mechanical and HVAC equipment as well as efficient controls to reduce energy waste and losses. This program will provide insights on how to reduce cost by saving electricity through energy conservation and replacing inefficient equipment by investing in energy efficient mechanical and HVAC equipment and controls. Besides that, it will also provide guidance to qualified participants who want to enroll as a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) with the Energy Commission Malaysia.

8 CPD Points for Each Program (Awarded by Suruhanjaya Tenaga)

Target Audience

Employees working with electrical equipment such as Technicians, Chargemen, Energy Managers, Safety and Health Committee Members, and any personnel who wish to obtain knowledge on how to develop and implement energy-saving projects at the workplace.