The Schematic Capture & Simulation with NI Multisim course introduces the NI Multisim integrated capture and simulation design environment. Learn how to build a schematic and evaluate circuit performance through interactive simulation and advanced analyses. Also discover how to complement your current database of components by creating custom capture and simulation parts.

Additional topics include microcontroller co-simulation with the NI Multisim MCU Module and the integration with test and measurement by introducing NI LabVIEW to the circuit design process. Educators also benefit from additional content they can gear specifically to electronics education.

At the end of the NI Multisim Basics course, you can design and simulate a circuit that is ready to be transferred to board layout and routing. Detailed lab exercises help reinforce what is discussed during the lectures and provide you with extensive tool usage experience under the guidance of our instructor.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Multisim user interface
  • Use Multisim to capture circuit schematics
  • Use interactive simulation to check your design
  • Use virtual instruments and analyses
  • Apply modular design with subcircuits, hierarchical blocks or multi-page designs
  • Create custom title blocks
  • Properly document your circuit designs
  • Work with design variants
  • Create custom components
  • Co-simulate MCU projects along with SPICE
  • Transfer your design to PCB Layout software

Target Audience
  • New users and users preparing to capture and simulate circuits using Multisim or Circuit Design Suite
  • Users and Technical Managers evaluating Multisim or Circuit Design Suite

Basic knowledge of Electronics theory and experience with Microsoft Windows