This three-day course provides an introduction to basic analog design concepts, understanding of design specifications, understanding of PDK, passive elements, MOSFETS and CMOS fabrication. Participants will learn about models used in analog design, and how the models can be used to design circuits such as current mirrors, single stage amplifiers, differential amplifiers and opamps. Apart from the analog design aspect, the participants will be exposed to analog layout as analog circuits are dependent on how the circuits are layout. Issues for analog tapeout that must be considered such as DRC, LVS, antenna and metal density are also covered.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand analog design flow
  • Understand how PDK works with the relevant analog models used for design
  • Design basic analog circuits
  • Simulate and verify basic analog circuits
  • Understand analog layout and its issues
  • Understand DRC, LVS, antenna issues and metal density

Target Audience

Fresh graduates learning to work on analog circuits for IC design