Analytical thinking is the most sought-after skill regardless of industry especially with the rapidly emerging fields of data science and artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, it was reported in the Future of Jobs 2018, World Economic Forum that analytical thinking is the top skill needed in 2022 skills outlook.

Although data science and AI involve development of scripts and algorithms, strong understanding in linear algebra, statistics, and modelling are prerequisites for great scripts and algorithms. Hence, this training focuses on the following:

  1. Linear algebra
  2. Applied statistics
  3. Modelling to:
    1. Make predictions (Prelude to machine learning)
    2. Make decisions
    3. Solve problems

This training will also illustrate how to apply mathematical models to solve problems with case studies such that participants gain an in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

Upon completion of this course, all participants should be able to make sound decisions/ predictions to solve problems based on intelligence (ie data).

Target Audience

Analysts (Finance, Operations, HR, Logistic), Engineers, Researchers, and Scientists