Industry 4.0


This program is designed around 10 key core skills that can help improve employee performance and productivity as well as develop effective and proactive peak performers:

  1. Coloured Brain Evaluation: Leverage on your strengths and use them to get results
  2. Mental Blueprint: Develop supportive beliefs and habits and build a positive attitude/enthusiasm
  3. Time Management: Prioritise, plan, schedule, and organise your workload and tasks
  4. Self-Discipline, Controlled Attention, and Focus: Getting back on track after interruptions and disruptions
  5. Creativity and Flexibility: Out of comfort zone, quicker, and more confident problem solving
  6. Critical Thinking and Accurate Thinking: Eliminating emotions in decision making
  7. Initiative and Never-Ending Improvements: Always going the extra mile and constantly keeping yourself updated
  8. Mastermind Alliance and Team Collaboration: Together, everyone achieves more
  9. Sound Health: Without a strong and fit body, nothing is possible
  10. Communication and People Skills: Establish mutually beneficial working relationships

For every skill taught, there will be a practical session to reinforce the application of the theoretical knowledge.

Target Audience
Executives, People Managers, and Future Workforce and Leaders in Manufacturing