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PCB design plays a critical role in the entire product design and development as it usually dictates the performance of the final product in various aspects and impacts cost, performance, and schedule. PCB layout is always part of the physical realization of thermal, mechanical, as well as electrical design concepts and implementation.

Back to PCB Basics is an appropriate introductory course for new engineers interested or involved in product design and development and would like to gain a basic understanding of PCB layout.

This course introduces the PCB and how it is constructed along with current technology trends. Apart from a discussion on the standards of PCB layout process, the course also focuses on best practices when dealing with practical layout design challenges, with various useful examples. Other sections include the do’s and don’ts for layout design, in particular on the electrical consideration perspective, selected ‘design for’ (DFX) features, and thermal and mechanical factors as part of the total consideration for a good design. At the end of the training, participants will walk away with a comprehensive PCB layout design checklist outlining all the critical electrical, thermal, and mechanical considerations.