Malaysian Meister Program


Adapted from the German Meister (meaning Master Craftsman) program, the Malaysian Meister Program (MMP) is designed to upskill the existing precision machining and engineering workforce. Students are trained through a two-pronged approach where training is conducted at both the workplace and training institution in actual work conditions under the guidance of competent coaches and classroom trainers.

Course Objectives
  • To ensure consistent supply of outstanding and well-trained employees with technical expertise in the talent pipeline for future business needs.
  • To upskill the current workforce to be able to perform a broad range of complex technical or professional work activities.
Program Structure

60% Classroom/Practical Training at the PSDC
40% On-job- training at the workplace

Program Schedule

Students will undergo their on-job- training on weekdays at their workplace. Classroom and practical sessions at the PSDC will be held after working hours on 2 weekdays and 1 weekend.

Study Plans
  1. Project Management
  2. Electrical Motor Control System
  3. Advanced PLC Programming
  4. System Communication and PLC Integration
  5. Mechatronic System Design
  6. Maintenance Management
  7. Departmental Management
  8. Workplace Mentoring & Assessment
  9. Mechatronic System Installation & Commissioning
  10. Continuous Process Improvement (Kaizen)
  11. Industrial Robotic System
Entry Requirements
  • Must have at least JPK SKM Level 3 Industrial Automation Engineering Supervision
  • Must be employed