Applied Engineering


The SCADA concept was developed as a universal means of remote access to a variety of local control modules, which could be from different manufacturers allowing access through standard automation protocols. This program focuses on the technology and intelligence of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Technology system to create suitable communication methods. Participants will be trained on how to set up and configure the hardware, software, network, and communication.

Target Audience
Technicians with Mechanical, Electrical, or Electronic background

32 hours on weekdays (Monday until Friday) @ PSDC, Penang. Program commencement is subject to company’s request (for in-house classes) or upon the availability of a sufficient number of participants (for public classes).

Training Outline
  1. Benefits of SCADA System
  2. Software Configuration
  3. Hardware Configuration
  1. Set Up Interface Software
  2. Set Up Communication
  3. Monitor Online Process