Applied Engineering


The course is intended to provide exposure of all the elements related to robot systems which include arm geometry, type of robot joints, degrees of freedom, mechanical systems, robot actuators, robot sensory devices, robot controller, and robot simulation software. Besides, it aims to investigate the feasibility of the use of robot in various applications such as spray painting, pick and place, welding and assembly process. The course also looks into the design of robot cell and robot effectors that are crucial for successful implementation of robot arms in automation system.

Target Audience
Employees with technical background.

5 days on weekdays (Monday until Friday) @ PSDC, Penang.

Program commencement is subject to company’s request (in-house classes/lab) or upon the availability of a sufficient number of participants (public classes).

*Courses can be delivered for a minimum of 8 - 20 participants, for cost effective solution.

Training Outline
  1. Working Person
  2. Working Person Safety
  3. Safety to the Tool And Peripheral Device
  4. Safety to the Robot Mechanism
  5. Safety to the End Effector
  6. Stop Type of Robot
  7. Warning Label
  1. Application Tool Software
  2. Robot
  3. Controller
  1. Setting a Tool Coordinate System
  2. Setting a User Coordinate System
  1. Program Details Information
  2. Line Number, Program End Symbol, And Argument
  3. Motion Instruction
  4. Palletizing Instruction
  5. Register Instruction
  6. I/O Instruction
  7. Branch Instruction
  8. Wait Instruction
  9. Skip Instruction
  10. Offset Condition Instruction
  11. Tool Offset Condition Instruction
  12. Frame Instruction
  13. Program Control Instruction
  14. Other Instruction
  1. Register a Program
  2. Changing a Standard
  3. Teaching a Standard Motion Instruction
  4. Changing a Program
  1. Robot Motion
  2. Resuming a Program
  3. Testing
  4. Program Lock/Monitor
  1. LED’s on the Teach Pendant
  2. User Screen
  3. Registers
  4. Position Registers