Applied Engineering


This course focuses on the structure of PLC Programming languages and the functionality of PLC. Course also based on programming of PLC basic logic operations, normally closed contacts and normally open contacts, memory functions, timer function & counter.

Target Audience
Technician with basic electrical wiring background

10 days on weekdays (Monday until Friday) @ PSDC, Penang.

Program commencement is subject to company’s request (in-house classes/lab) or upon the availability of a sufficient number of participants (public classes).

*Courses can be delivered for a minimum of 8 - 20 participants, for cost effective solution.

Training Outline
  1. Introduction and Knowledge on Understanding about PLC
  2. Input & Output Devices
  3. Practical Programming of PLC using CX
  4. Case Study Stimulation of PLC
  5. PLC & CX-Programmer Hardware Configuration