The IIoT Plugfest is a unique hands-on program that aims to build internal talent pool by applying the principles of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) via the integration of equipment/systems and visualisation of data using IIoT to improve productivity.

How The Program Works
  • Participants will start the program by attending the 3-day Plugfest workshop including hands-on session in setting up IoT devices, dashboard configuration and system integration using various protocols at Sabah Skills and Technology Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
  • Upon completion of the Plugfest workshop, each participant must carry out an IIoT PoC project, which involves data acquisition and remote monitoring capability at their manufacturing site.
  • Participants will need to produce a simple report and showcase their project to the organizers.
Resources Provided
  • The EEPN together with their technology partners, will provide coaching to participants during the workshop session.
  • Participant/s from each company will be given the necessary IIoT-related starter kits (eg controller hardware, gateway, sensors, and access to cloud services, etc) to test and use during the workshop session. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be using the kits for an IIoT project implementation at their company.
  • Participants can request for advisory support from the technology partners during the implementation of their PoC project. The advisory support is subject to the availability of the technology partner.
Who Should Participate

Equipment/IT/Automation Engineers and Senior Technicians from local SME/LLC manufacturing companies.

Day 1
9.00am - 12.00pmIntroduction to EEPN, PLUGFEST, I4.0, IIoT,
Project consideration and productivity methodologies
1.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Industrial IoT Gateway
  • IIoT introduction and Market Trend
  • IIoT Gateway Solution Overview
  • IIoT Gateway Hardware Selection Guide
Day 2
9.00am - 5.00pm
  • Industrial Factory with Smart IIoT Management
  • Preparation of Hands-on Lab
  • Sensors, ADC and Gateway
  • Hardware Installation
  • Connect Sensors to ADC and to Gateway
  • Software Configuration
  • AXView 3.0
  • Start to Connect Sensor and Data
Day 3
9.00am - 5.00pm
  • Industry 4.0: Introduction to Industrial IoT Design Approach
  • Introduction to Node-Red
  • Introduction to Node Red Dashboard
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Input and Widget
  • Creating Flows
  • Chart
  • Notification and Indicator
Terms & Conditions
  1. This fully funded program is open to participants from manufacturing industry SME only. Participants from MNCs are allowed to participate with RM5000 fee(for 2 pax)
  2. Participant must be a Malaysian citizen.
  3. Participant must be from a Malaysian-based company. Participants from MNCs are allowed to participate as long as their company has operations in Malaysia.
  4. Each company can only enroll a maximum of TWO (2) Engineers/Technicians.
  5. Item 5-8 are only applicable for fully funded participants from SME/LLC
  6. Participants need to complete their pilot implementation project in their manufacturing operations within THREE (3) months from the completion of the Plugfest workshop and hands-on session.
  7. If the participant/company fails to complete the pilot implementation within the stipulated period, the organisers reserve the right to impose a penalty of RM5,000, which is the full IIoT Plugfest program cost, on the participating company
  8. Each participant is required to provide a written report to the organisers on the pilot implementation, which must include information such as photographic proof of the implementation, data collection and improvement, and a write-up on other experience gained during the project. The report must be submitted no later than TWO (2) weeks after the completion of the pilot implementation project.
  9. The participant/participating company is required to support future visitation requests or invitations to share on their pilot project experience from organisers.
  10. The participating company need to complete and submit the online MPC ezBE survey if they yet to do so.