Although the 3D printing technology in Malaysia is clearly in the early developmental stage, this technology is expected to expand and become one of the country's major innovation, particularly in engineering, manufacturing, arts, education, and medical.

Future growth of Additive Manufacturing is very significant for every company in Malaysia, especially for manufacturing industry, healthcare and several sectors during this pandemic time. The smooth supply of components plays an important role on production in every company. The disruption of the supply chain may result in a slowdown in the production of products. Many companies cannot afford it. The use of 3D printing technology can help our production continuity. What’s more, it can maintain liquidity. Thanks to additive manufacturing technology, they are able to produce the missing parts or components in their own company.

How 3D printing industry can help business during broken supply chain:

  • Maintaining continuity of production
  • Production of components in your company
  • Manufacturing of very resistant parts
  • Getting critical elements just-in-time

Target Audience:

R&D engineer, CAE engineer, mechanical engineer, manufacturing engineer, design engineer, assistant engineer, assistant designer and supervisor

The targeted trainees for participate this program will be from various local industry, which includes transportation, shipbuilding, railway, oil and gas, electronics, medical, aerospace, automotive, defence, agricultural and architecture

Speakers’ Profile

Mohd Farid bin Mohamed
Chief Technical Expert and Master Trainer, Cuberlab Sdn Bhd

Mohd Farid bin Mohamed has more than 22 years of professional work experience. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Pure Mechanical) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Presently, he is the Chief Technical Expert and Master Trainer for Additive Manufacturing courses under Cuberlab Sdn Bhd.

  • Simulation on Multibody Dynamics & Acoustics
  • Simulation on Sound & Vibration
  • Testing on Sound & Vibration
  • Noise Analyser
  • Sales for Engineering Product for CAE & Testing
  • Project Manager for CCC Approval
  • Additive Manufacturing