The product packaging design plays a very important role in protecting the goods to transport from one to another destination without damage. This is particularly being appreciated nowadays as consumers are always demanding better & better products. Tons of drop impact physical tests have carried out by manufacturer to determine several aspects that includes rigidity, durability, protective nature, shock/vibration resistance and much more. In the era of digitalization, virtual simulation can perform the drop impact test in a more economic, accurate and easy way.

This webinar is continuation from the previous session. In this session, instructor will demonstrate the step by step Packaging Drop Impact Simulation process by using few industrial examples. In this webinar, the details of model setup, contact interface definition, material modelling, boundary conditions, including some simulation best practices will be explained.


  • Recap from previous Webinar
  • Overview the Simulation Suite (pre-processor, solver & post-processor) for Drop Impact Analysis
  • Demonstration the Process:
  • Analyse the result & visualization
  • Optimization & result improvement
  • Q&A
  • Speakers’ Profile


    Ban Wee has more than 15 years of professional experience in CAE domain. He graduated from National Taiwan University with Master of Engineering in Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering. Currently he is the Technical Director of Altair Engineering Malaysia. Ban Wee support Taiwan/China/ASEAN customers to setup the CAE process and standard, where he also conducts training, specifically in the structural simulation domain, for customers across Taiwan/China/ASEAN and helps them to adopt simulation in their product design and development.

    Prior to joining Altair, Ban Wee spent 10 years as CAE Engineer for an engineering consultant company from China and Taiwan, mainly evaluate the component and full vehicle level Durability, Crash and Strength. The products included Motorcycle, Car, ATV, Bus, Truck, Shipbuilding, etc.