The 2020 Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak presents a significant threat to employee health and business operations. Now is the time to review and update your corporate continuity and pandemic response plan. But developing and maintaining the plan may require time and effort that many companies does not have to spare. Automating your business continuity solution can help you efficiently use your resources, while creating a strong and secure, risk-based plan.

Maintaining business continuity in manufacturing is critical for preventing a costly halt in production. But unfortunately, not all manufacturers are equipped to prevent every disruption. This ranges from natural disasters to data loss, manufacturers face a wide range of threats that can interrupt operations for hours, days or even weeks. In this webinar session, we outline some of the key systems and planning strategies that can help manufacturer avert a major disaster with a support of an automated system.

Join us for more information on the effect of the coronavirus on enterprises and the need for pandemic and business continuity planning to keep businesses safe and in operation.

Speakers :
Dr Kavitha Muthy
Chief Strategy Officer, Intellize Tech Services
Marzan A.
Director of Consulting Services & Client Relations - BCDR |