With the advent of 5G connectivity, Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Internet of Things, the need to have electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) among all devices and systems become ever more important. EMC management involves co-operation from various parties such as product developers and manufacturers, international and national standards organizations, government legislative and enforcement agencies, private sector service providers and the public at large. With proper EMC control measures in place, electrical and electronic devices and systems could operate as intended without interfering with each other.

This technical talk explores the essentials of EMC in product development and testing. Participants will have the opportunity to gain better understanding on the definition, scope and impact of EMC, explore the various interference coupling mechanisms and mitigation techniques as well as the measurement setup used in regulatory tests. In addition to that, this technical talk would instil awareness of EMC impact to our daily lives.

Speakers’ Profile

Mohd Fahmi Abdul Rahim
NPI Product Engineering Manager, Keysight Technologies

Mohd Fahmi Abdul Rahim is a registered engineer with the Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM) and a senior member of the IEEE. He is also a member of the IEEE Electromagnetic Society. He received his MEng in Electronic Engineering from University of Sheffield, UK (2004). Currently he has over 16 years’ experience working on various New Product Introduction for state-of-the-art RF and Microwave Signal Analyzer, Signal Generator and EMI Receiver products.

His main interest is in the field of RF and Microwave as well as Electromagnetic Compatibility. He is a technical trainer and is active in industry-academia relations where he has delivered many technical talks and webinars as well as served as coach and judge in many design competitions at local universities.